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Most of you know I recently lost my soul dog, Turtle, on June 15th. Although I’m still heavily grieving her loss, I am blessed to have been chosen by the Joshua Epilepsy Foundation for the scholarship that matched me with my new service dog in training. While excited after spending 10 years on the waitlist to get matched, I can’t help but feel guilty about getting this dog so soon after my Turtle Girls passing, https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/TURTL001/Resident.htmso below I’ve linked her rainbow bridge memorial page if anyone who has met her or knows about my bond with her would like to visit and share a memory, sign the guestbook or donate to the aspca in her name. All donations made in her name to help other dogs in need will be deducted from your next booking. As always, thank You for the continued love and support over the years

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I was SO CLOSE to 6 months seizure free and getting my license back. God damn I hate my brain I’m doomed to never drive again :-( then of course I had to call the cops for a breaking snd entering last

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