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“Dogs with Jobs August Promo

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

This months promo is special for a few reasons.

  1. Anyone with a service/ESA pet or who works in the field gets an additional $50 fiscount.

  2. 75% of all profit will go directly to Moki’s serizure alert training fund, the other 25% will be donated to someone in need of a medical service dog via GoFundMe.

  3. Feel free to bring your dog to your visit if you’d like! It’s completely pet friendly and safe, they are welcome inside or in my large fenced in pet friendly back yard! Food, water. treats, toys, and an extra special doggy take home gift will also be included!

  4. Last but not least, for the first time, I’m extending this promotion to all virtual sales as well at a 20% discount OR a limited special virtual deLUXe week package including two FaceTime dates, 3 one hour long media heavy texting dates. my 10 best videos, including two which are minutes long, for just $450

*Those of you who donated to your local ASPCA in Turtles name, don’t forget to remind me or bring a copy/screenshot so I can include that discount as well! Usually I dont combine multiple discounts but I’m making an exception this month becsuse this one is so close to my heart ❤️