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Here for a good time, not a long time :-/

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

A month ago I woke up paralyzed from the waist down with no explanation. After a long hospital stay with 36 pages of tests and diagnostics, so far I've been diagnosed with MS, Lupus and Gullian Barr syndrome, sll random and unrelated. These hsve no cure and progressive in nature, I will eventually become fully blind, fully paralyzed and brain damaged. But with treatment . I was given 5-10 years to "live" during which each unrelated genetic disease will ebb in and out of remission and episodes.. I won't get into the details of how this will afffect the time I have left, but I do not intend to ever get to the final stages and will make my exit when things become intolerable.

This past month I could not have predicted How much I'd miss you guys and my work, it really surprised me how much some of you have .come to mean to me. So many of you guys have rallied for me so hard, been my biggest emotional supporters snd champions, And I attribute that overwhelming support and love to the thst support to the fact that the night before what might be one of my last birthdays I seem to be going into my first remission. Today I walked for the first time since the day I woke paralyzed, and my pain level has become more than tolerable.

I didn't think I'd want to go back to work, I'm but if I'm honest, I miss many of you more than I'll ever admit. I don't know how long this remission will last, but I want to take advantage of the time I have been gifted remission as almost as good as my old self (just an 85lb version) to opening my work back up to my wonderful regulars and meeting new interesting clients and hopefully have some exciting experiences too. Since I have such a short time left, all regulars who have seen me multiple times are grandfathered into a heavy discounted rate of $500/hr, $750/VIP hr, $1000 90 minutes, and $1200/2 hours . First time clients who book correctly get a discounted first session of $50 off the first sesssion, then grandfathered into the new regular rate scale after 3 bookings. I'm also opening up hdlf hour first time sessions for the first time ever at $400. Since saving money is no longer so important, I'd rather have a good time then a wealthy time if that makes sense.


I'm grateful all of you, and sending all my birthday love, speaking of, what do you even put on a birthday list if you know you're dying? Check mine out it's like an interesting stripper grandma combo LOL!!!


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