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Holiday raffle - who wants the “golden” ticket?

Hello lovers! It's that time of year! Through the new year if you send me the code phrase with your booking form and have a successful date befote January, your name will be entered for the holiday luxury item of the year. This seasons prize is a new all Gold oyster perpetual day date presidential 40 Rolex with full warranty and papers. Winner is randomly picked from the raffle jar on New Year's Day! If you made it here, the code phrase is "Santa brought a gold LUXury gift for all the naughty boys this year"

Disqualifyers other than the obvious ones

  1. Argues about screening

  2. Late with no notice /rescheduled last minute

  3. Haggles rates

  4. Disrespect

  5. An unpleasant personality

  6. Crosses boundaries/pushes limits

Good luck snd hspoy holidays!!!

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