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Oh my gosh, thank you guys for your kindness!!!

Guys I can’t begin to express how happy this makes me, over 3k has been donated in Turtles name to the ASPCA to help other dogs in need! knowing that her death is meaningful and helping save other dogs is SUCH a comfort!

A lot of you know that despite my degrees in biochemistry and biology, my dream and life goal has always been to open my own dog rescue /animal sanctuary. Unfortunately this is something that costs money, does not make money, That’s literally why I got into this work (thankfully it turns out I love this job so I’m happy to be in this line of work either way), but being knowing that I (or my precious soul dog) is already doing the work that I l hope to get into is such a win! A win for me and a win for the dogs! Don’t forget, any donations made in turtles name to ANY local shelter will be deducted from your next booking. And donation of $500 or more grandfathers you in to $550/hr, $800/90 min, 1300/2 hours and $2000 overnights FOR LIFE ($200 discount on all in person services). If you aren’t local we can work out either heavily discounted “fly me to you” Dates or virtual content! please remember DO NOT send me the donation, please send it directly to a rescue! And send me the reciept! Guys, THANK YOU for finally making me cry happy tears over my pups passing

instead of just grieving!

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