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The Real Girlfriend Experience 

💕 For all requests, please be direct and first familiarize yourself with my rates and policies before reaching out. You should know the details of your request and have your screening information ready before sending in your booking form.
💕 In your first correspondence, clearly state the details of your request in full…include all relevant information so that l can respond efficiently! 
 *For new friends with legitimate questions, you’re welcome to use the chat function on my site first if you need any guidance before sending in your booking form 

💕 To book an in person date,, just follow these easy steps! 
1. Fill out a complete booking request form located in the menu box of this site. Include all relevant info, including preferred day/time, location, type & length of date and any special requests or things you think I should know . (For incall requests, you can skip the section on address/location) 
2. Send your screening email Immediately after submitting your booking form. Screening emails should contain valid ID/License, a  recent photo and be sent to me at
3. I’ll usually respond quickly, but If you do not hear back in 12-24 hours, then it’s appropriate to message/text to ask if I’ve completed your screening and cleared you to book . (828-222-4260). 
4. After you’ve been cleared to book, we’ll confirm the details of our date and you’ll receive a welcome letter. New clients will receive a welcome letter containing in depth information about what makes my service different and what to expect, details regarding our specific date, along with a  questionnaire section where you’ll have the opportunity to make requests and customize our time to ensure it’s an experience catered specifically to YOU as an individual, rather than one provided to all clients as a generalized group.
5. Lastly, you will return the customization questionnaire and secure our date with a 25% deposit sent to cash app $itslittlelux. (Alternative payment platforms are available to those who need it, just request a list of other methods!)
*DO NOT send a deposit before I have cleared you to book and confirmed our date!

💕I understand this booking process looks long and complicated on paper, but that is only because I’ve expanded on the areas  I receive the most questions about. From start to finish, the booking and screening process should not take more than 4 email exchanges, and ideally be completed the day you first contact me (which should be several days prior to your requested date. Note- certain requests and extended dates will  often require more time spent in the booking process.
Use promo “book like a champ” in your first correspondence and send the required screening items within the first two email exchanges or less for $50 off your first date. (Can be combined with any other current promotions for extra discount!).  

How To Book Like A Champ: How To Book Like A Champ
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