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Spooky October specials & discounts!* This promotion has ended*

Updated: Nov 1

For the month of October the following promos are available! * promotional rates only available to those who screen and book properly & promptly without any fuss or fanfare.

use promo code "thrills & chills" and specify your promo of choice on your booking request please!

  1. ALL hour+ dates get $100 off the listed rate

  2. ALL 90min+ dates are upgraded to VIP for free

  3. Mini date touch up for returning clients only: 30 min for $350 or 45 min for $500

  4. Mini date introduction for new clients only - 45 min for $550

  5. ALL dates can Choose from a list of 5 free upgrades

  6. Extended/travel/overnights are all 15% off the listed rate.

  7. Not local? Ask me about my virtual promos!

Additionally, in leui of take home gifts, All dates can choose from the adult themed naughty trick or treat basket full of fun toys of all kinds and sensual accessories catered to men or couples to use during session or to take home for another round while you replay our date in your head 😉

when booking, you must choose only one of the listed promotions, two offers cannot be combined!

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